Engaging others

Find an area of opportunity to engage people by serving

Join a team and inspire others to engage!

We believe that everyone is called to engage people around them and a great way to do that is through service. There are lots of opportunities currently and even more ways than we can list, so feel free to look through the brief descriptions below and fill out the form below when so we can get you in touch with a member of your ministry team.


From assisting with sound, lighting during services and occasional productions, to helping make sure service presentations run smoothly, our A/V is behind each thoughtfully planned moment of our time together. Comfort with computers and tech is helpful but not a must as we are always willing to help you find the right fit in serving others.


We are the first people you encounter when you come to church! Our smiling faces help share the love of Jesus! As a Church that desires to be so inspiring it helps people want a deeper connection with God, having people of all ages ready to welcome guests and familiar faces alike is so vital but can be so easily overlooked!


Do you love to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for those around you? This team supports in so many ways including answering questions at the connect center which can be virtual or in-person, helping before and after events to keep people engaged, and sometimes even offering a bit of comfort through food and beverages. As a team they all work together to help people feel connected.


Planning lessons and keeping an eye on classes is just the start of how we try to serve our kids here. With a constantly changing pace and new faces to meet each week, this team puts their heart and soul into helping kids of every age engage God. Whether you have a gaggle of your own at home, are the "fun" aunt or uncle, or have literally never served with kids but feel called to help people meet God no matter how old or young, consider joining the team and get ready for an adventure!


If you are a musician or singer- this is the team for you!

We are always looking for musicians to play in the band and singers to help bring and create an atmosphere to draws people toward a unique time with God! Don't be shy about having never done something like this before and all are welcome to participate.